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The MyCsla project

is intended to be a starting point for your own intermediate base classes and Csla utilities and to be included in your own project. Meaning, all your business objects should inherit from the intermediate base classes. This is a recommended Best Practice from Rocky and others in the forum for your coding structure.

This project also includes new controls for Windows Forms like:
  • SmartDateTimePicker - that allows text input (like +, -, td, tm) and uses SmartDate.TryParse to convert to a DataTime value
  • ErrorWarnInfoProvider - to show error/warn/info level of broken rules.
  • StatusBarExtender - to simplify a responsive status bar with animated busy image

Se the samples projects for demos on how to use these added controls.

MyCsla for 3.7.1 N2 also adds new RegisterProperty overloads to base classes that use the PropertyInfoFactory. This will allow you as a developer to create your own PropertyInfo objects and alter managed field functionality (like IsDirty) in a .Net 2.0 application. Since these new overloads exists in MyCsla they will also work with Csla 3.7.1 for .Net 3.5.

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Coloso Oct 27, 2009 at 3:13 PM 
Hi Jonny, was reviewing about CSLA contrib, but I still doubt that benefits would have to customize CSLA (without considering controls)?