About this project
This is a "project of projects": a collection of contributions to Rockford Lhotka's (CSLA .NET framework). These contributions may include tools, add-ons, best practice and customizations that make it easier to use CSLA .NET and the concepts described in Lhotka's Expert C# 2008 Business Objects and Expert VB 2008 Business Objects books.

This project uses the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

The CSLA .NET Contrib site is now available! Check out the newly added
  1. CslaContrib.Mvc project with samples on how to combine Csla and ASP.NET MVC
  2. MyCsla project with samples on how to create csla base classes in your own app as best practice
  3. NEW ProjectTrackerPrism - ProjectTracker with Prism/WPF client app. Silverlight will be added soon. Thanks to Andreas Kuhlmann!

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To join this project and make your own contribution:
  1. Register on CodePlex
  2. Send the user name and brief description of your contribution to Jonny Bekkum or Rockford Lhotka.

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