About this project
This is a contribution project to Rockford Lhotka's CSLA .NET framework The project source code has been reorganized to be refocused as a single, primary project extending the features of CSLA. In addition, the past project collection has been archived as of Nov-2010.


This project uses the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.


  • September 20 2014 - Released CslaContrib 4.5.600 on CodePlex and on NuGet
    • Upgrade to Csla 4.5.601
    • Fixes missing WinRT assemblies on CslaContrib.MEF package
    • Visual WebGUI assemblies target v.10.0 and use modal dialogs
  • May 25 2014 - Released CslaContrib 4.5.50 on CodePlex and on NuGet
    • Fixes missing Silverlight assemblies on CslaContrib and CslaContrib.MEF packages
    • Adds SmartDateExtendedParser on CslaContrib package
  • May 14 2013 - Released CslaContrib 4.5.30
  • May 12 2013 - Released CslaContrib 4.3.16
  • All projects updated to Csla 4.5.30. Use SVN to grab the latest source code.
  • Add CslaContrib.WebGUI and ActionExtenderSample.WebGUI to sources
    • Visual WebGUI is a web environment that replicates the Windows Forms namespace and functionality
    • CslaContrib.WebGUI is a port of Csla.Windows and CslaContrib.Windows to WebGUI.

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To join this project and make your own contribution:
  1. Register on CodePlex
  2. Send the user name and brief description of your contribution to Jonny Bekkum or Rockford Lhotka.

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